Blunt Graffix Original Centrifuge-Screen Print Art

Matt Dey, the founder, owner, and artist that created Blunt Graffix, is always pushing ahead with new ideas and new ways to create!

Using a 5′ diameter custom built centrifuge, designed by Matt, Blunt Graffix is now making it’s own custom spin art prints and papers.

The wheel spins pretty fast…

but the colors and textures created are mind blowing! And if that wasn’t enough…

Matt is layering screen printed images on top of the custom spun papers, creating completely one-of-a-kind prints that absolutely explode with detail!

The journey has just begun, and the drying racks are starting to fill with these unique prints!

Message us at, or find us on Facebook at Blunt Graffix for information what’s available, and how to get your hands on one of these psychedelic art creations!