Out of This Universe: Mr. Mars Studios

A well known name in the collectible figures and sculpts scene, Mr. Mars Studios, just had his latest release this past week and they were stunners as usual! Mr. Mars Studios is an artistic business featuring Marshall “Mr. Mars” Ballantyne and collaborations with artists focusing on the customization of “Munnys”.


These 3 “bombers” were released this past Friday, and as expected didn’t last long. Each with a different spin crafted from an actual spray paint can and finished with a pearlescent coat.

Mr. Mars has perfected his unique style over time and each hand crafted scuplt stands out from the next. You will not find any two alike, each with variations and it’s own touch. His work creates an image for itself and has become a staple in the community. You can find more of his work and even request a custom quote for your very own collectible here.

// Author: Conner Fine