Phish Tour: Ken Taylor

Wandering these sultry grounds that brim with a brilliant amalgamation of light and sound, I find myself provoking dreams that don’t exist.  There is a circus of light, where dreams can take flight.  A circus that is just the place for me with bears and clowns and noise, I love the shiny music that descents from our beloved Phish as they prepare for their two night run at BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ.  The position of Phish poster ringmaster for these two shows is none other than the illustrious Ken Taylor. Much like his works of the past, this print radiates with a very tasteful imbuing of metallic inks and artistry.  The inspiration for the instrument wielding bipedal bear came from an actual bear that would saunter about the town of New Jersey on his two hind legs.  The bear eventually became to be known as Pedals and was somewhat of  local celebrity.  Ken had pitched the idea of a traveling gypsy one bear band and from there, his imaginative flair took over.  This 18×24 screen printed poster was available at the show with a limit of 900 show prints and 60 artist prints.  You can find more of Mr. Taylor’s brilliant pieces of art Here on his website.


       By Jimmy Tolan / Author