Phish Tour: Rich Kelly

By Jimmy Tolan / Author

There is no need to be running!

Just continue dancing and breathing as we keep on rolling into the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, where Phish cannon-balled their way into the eighth and ninth shows of their 2018 summer tour.  Our next artist Rich Kelly, has been chosen to re-submerge into the deep depths of the Phish poster world. Kelly has undoubtedly earned his sea legs when it comes to designing awe-inspiring art for the band, and this time is certainly no exception. With this set of prints there is an appropriately heavy nautical theme, with two skyball and saxscraper sized creatures that dominate the center of each piece. Each poster is a 12×24 4 color screen print, with an availability of 600 each night and only 50 sets for the online artist release.  To see more of Rich Kelly’s larger than life work click here and make sure to sign up for his newsletter.