“Chihiro” Spirited Away/Miyazaki Centrifuge on Foil

SpokeArt in New York City recently held a sold out show, “Miyazaki – An Art Show Tribute”, and a little birdie told us the remaining prints will be on sale to the general public this Thursday, October 5th!

In celebration of the film “Spirited Away” by Japanese film-maker and animator Hayao Miyazaki, Blunt Graffix created these extremely limited centrifuge screen prints.


“Chihiro” Spirited Away/Miyazaki Centrifuge on Oil Slick Foil – hand pulled screen prints. 10”x26”.
10 prints were made it toal. Each print is an original, signed and numbered in editions of two variants.
Artist: Matt Dey/Blunt Graffix.

Check the SpokeArt page for online sales.

Message us at mdye70@gmail.com, or find us on Facebook at Blunt Graffix for more information.